Mandatory travel insurance: where will I need one?

Traveling is one of the greatest pleasures for many people. No matter the place or the reason, discovering new places and cultures and still being able to relax make traveling one of the most pleasurable activities.

However, it is important that some concerns are taken care of so that you don’t run the risk of seeing your dream trip be ruined before you even manage to reach the planned destination.

One of them is the contracting of mandatory travel insurance.

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It, as the name suggests, is essential for your entry into certain countries. Therefore, we have prepared this post to inform you how mandatory travel insurance works for each place. Check out!

The Schengen Treaty and mandatory travel insurance

Europe is the continent with the most destinations that require travel insurance for the entry of foreigners. This is because most European countries are signatories to the Schengen Treaty.

This treaty, which delimits the so-called “Schengen Space” within Europe, was created to facilitate the free movement of European citizens between the agreed countries.

However, since 2012, Brazilians can also benefit from the laws imposed by the treaty, which removed the need for a mandatory visa for those visiting member countries of the space for a period of up to 3 months.

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Even though it is not a visa, the contracting of travel insurance with a minimum coverage of 30 thousand euros, for medical assistance and medical and funeral repatriation, is mandatory in these countries.

The UK does not follow the Schengen Treaty. However, in Ireland, taking out insurance is mandatory, but the minimum amount of 30,000 euros is not required. Countries such as France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Italy, and Portugal, for example, are part of the treaty and require minimum coverage.

Below in this box, we inform you of the exact price of travel insurance for Europe. It is noteworthy that by clicking on the green box where the travel insurance values ​​are described, you will get another 15% discount.

Travel Insurance: Europe
CORIS 30 EUROPE BASIC + COVID19 (EXCEPT USA)Health careEUR 30,000lost luggageEUR 1,000BRL 24 /day*

Latin America/South America

In the case of Latin America, and that includes our neighbors here in South America, most nations do not require travel insurance, with the exception of three nations: Cuba, Ecuador, and Venezuela.

To enter Cuban soil, you will have to take out insurance for a minimum amount of 10 thousand dollars, with coverage for medical assistance.

In Venezuela, the demand is even greater. Insurance must be at least $40,000 for medical assistance, medical and funeral repatriation. The country also requires the contracting of additional insurance in the amount of 1,000 dollars, specifically for lost luggage.

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Ecuador does not make minimum requirements for the contracting of the plans, but it still makes the acquisition mandatory in order to land in the country!

In other countries bordering Brazil and which are frequently visited by Brazilians, such as Argentina and Paraguay, contracting insurance is not mandatory.

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For those who want to do an exchange in the land of kangaroos, travel insurance is also mandatory.

In this case, the Australian government requires the student to purchase the Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) in order to gain access to the country’s public health system.

This insurance has basic coverage for the payment of doctors and public hospitals, in addition to emergency expenses and ambulance expenses.

To exemplify it more clearly, it works as if the contracting party, as of its acquisition, would have equivalent access to SUS in Brazil.

Check the travel insurance prices calculated per day/person for those traveling to the mainland of Oceania. All links in this post will give you a 15% discount on all travel insurance plans here in the post.

Travel Insurance: Oceania
AC 35 WORLD COVID-19 (Except USA)Health careUSD 35,000lost luggage used 1,200 (COMPLEMENTARY)BRL 41 /day*


The famous land of Uncle Sam remains the most desired and sought-after international travel destination by Brazilians, so it is worth clarifying whether travel insurance is mandatory or not for the country.

The United States does not require the mandatory purchase of insurance, however, the cost of any health problem in the country is extremely high, the highest that exists.

A broken arm, for example, can cost you about $20,000. Therefore, it is more than recommended to take out insurance if you are going to travel to the North American territory.

See the average price of travel insurance for the United States:

Travel Insurance: North America
CORIS 60 USA BASIC + COVID19Health careUSD 60,000lost luggageUSD 1,000BRL 46 /day*

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Taking out insurance for domestic travel

In the case of travel within Brazil, contracting travel insurance is also not mandatory, so many travelers find it unnecessary to purchase it, which is actually a big mistake.

If in your day-to-day you can count on an efficient health plan for when something unforeseen occurs, know that when you leave the city where the plan was contracted, you could lose your coverage.

Each plan deals with these issues differently and specifically, however, it is true that national health plans do not cover the entire country.

Thus, national travel insurance becomes essential to bring tranquility and security to your travels in Brazilian lands.

In general, the value of travel insurance is very small compared to the security it is able to offer, so it is best for you to protect yourself and purchase the insurance, regardless of whether it is at your destination or not. a mandatory requirement for entry.

See the cost of travel insurance for travel within Brazil.

Travel Insurance: Brazil
GTA BRASIL 18Health careBRL 18,000lost luggageBRL 600 (COMPLEMENTARY)BRL 5 /day*
AC 15 BRAZILHealth careBRL 15,000lost luggageBRL 500 (COMPLEMENTARY)BRL 5 /day*
AC 15 BRAZIL + COVID19Health careBRL 15,000lost luggageBRL 500 (COMPLEMENTARY)BRL 7 /day*

The main advantages of taking out travel insurance

The benefits of travel insurance are manifold. Prices are affordable and the benefits are obvious. You can hire him according to your needs.

The coverage possibilities offered by Seguros Promo include medical care (including for pregnant women), dental care, legal assistance, pharmaceutical assistance, insurance for permanent or partial disability due to accident, insurance for the transfer of the body, insurance for funerals, return companion and minor, and also coverage for lost luggage.

In order for your trip to go as planned and not bring you any unnecessary headaches, some bureaucratic details need attention, and travel insurance is one of them.

However, more than avoiding problems before you even manage to set foot at the final destination, taking out insurance can free you from even worse situations, which can appear unexpectedly, at the risk of spoiling your dream trip.

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