Best Sites to Search for Jobs in the United States

Find out where to look for a job in the United States and tips for your application.

If you plan to work in the United States and don’t know where to start, today we’ll show you the best sites to look for a job in the United States. So, in addition to preparing a good CV in English, you should prepare for interviews, make your cover letter carefully and keep your CV always up to date.

Best Sites to Search for Jobs in the United States

Check out a list of websites to search for jobs in the United States.


The Indeed website is present in several countries around the world and is a great option to get a job in the United States. Thus, the site is available in several languages ​​, and in the United States alone, more than 700,000 vacancies are advertised each week.

You can filter your search by “What” by putting the title of your job, profession, or company you want to work for. However, under “Where” you must enter the city, state, or zip code to search for vacancies in the United States.

On the website, you can also find some CV models and know the average salary of your position.


LinkedIn is a professional social network where you can submit your resume in English, following companies seek jobs in the United States, by city or region, and apply directly on the site. Therefore, keep your resume always up to date, connect with people in your area of ​​expertise, create a network of relationships.

In addition, you can publish your portfolio, write articles, spread interesting articles about your job market. It’s too important to be seen to be remembered.


The Monster website is quite popular and can be a good tool to get a job in the United States. That way you can search for vacancies by job name, location, name of a company you want to work for. In addition, you can follow company profiles, find salaries and register your resume in English.


The GlassDoor website is an important tool to get to know companies around the world and do well in interviews. This way, you can follow testimonies of those who have already done interviews or who work at the company, you can find the average salary, publish your resume and find job openings in the United States.

Career Builder

On the Career Builder website, you can search for a job in the United States, enter your curriculum vitae (resume) and even create one on the platform. However, you can look for vacancies in your area and in the city where you want to work (eg Miami). However, there are employment opportunities also in Canada, and in many positions, it is already possible to know the salary even before applying for a position.


On the official website of the US government, you can also find jobs. So, go to the portal and go to “Look for a Job” there you will find several important tips to work in the United States and also look for jobs in several American cities.

USA Jobs

On the USA Jobs website, you can find thousands of job opportunities in the United States and you can create a profile with your resume (Create Profile). You’ll be able to save your favorite jobs, add your CV and make it public to the companies you are recruiting.

Tips for getting a job in the United States

It’s important to say that you should not put a number of personal documents on your resume. For example, if you have any dual nationality, please state this at the beginning of the curriculum, but it is not necessary to put your passport number on your CV.

In the United States, it is also very common to send a cover letter (Cover Letter) with your application. It should be well written, spelled correctly, and specifically targeted to the position you are applying for.

When you are called for a job interview, research the company, visit the website, learn about its history, service/products and be prepared to answer questions in English. Keep calm, wear appropriate clothing for the work sector, arrive 15 minutes early and respond as needed. Show who you are and what challenges move you. Show yourself an optimistic, proactive and motivated person to work.

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