How to get a job in the United States or USA? See which career is the way

The way to get a job opportunity in the United States, a country that still inspires career desires for many professionals, goes through a key point: seeking professions with high demand in the country.

This is because it is not just Brazil that is experiencing a shortage of professionals in some areas, such as technology.

In 2020, the IT sector in the United States had more than 1.4 million opportunities, but the training of people in the area has not been enough. According to The General State report of the Global Talent Shortage in 2020, the country had “only” 400 thousand graduates in technology in the year.

The report also shows that there was a 28% increase in new jobs in the sector in the last year. Other areas that are in high demand in the country are physical therapy, dentistry, and health care in general.

As these professions are considered to be of national interest, the application for an EB2 type Green Card is starting to be facilitated in the Biden government.

This modality was created for professionals above average or with exceptional skills, but in practice, it can be used by people who fit into professions that US companies are desperate to fill.

US employment recovers

Before the pandemic, the US economy had been growing at a pace of around 3%, which is considered a great performance. Even with a drop in activity in 2020, 2021 should be a year of recovery.

The country’s unemployment rate reached 14% in April 2020 but has stabilized at 6% since January this year, according to the country’s Department of Labor. Before the pandemic, unemployment in the United States was 4%.

The increase in vacancies has also been reflected in the interest of Brazilians in emigration. Over the past two years, D4U USA has noticed a 30% increase in the number of customers who have applied for EB2 visas.

The company is an immigration legal advisor with expertise in expatriation to the United States.

In the view of Wagner Pontes, CEO of D4U USA, there is a pillar formed by three points that explain these numbers: there is a shortage of health and technology professionals, the Biden government is more open and Brazilians still have a “feeling of upheaval. cans” that makes him want to emigrate to work in the United States.

how to get the job

Even with a shortage of health and technology professionals, Pontes emphasizes that it is necessary to have some experience or stand out in order to get a job opportunity in the United States. 

Despite this, he also mentions that the average Brazilian professional usually leaves college with a level of professional qualification a little better than the American professional, who does not always opt for a bachelor’s degree.

This differential can be the following options:

  • Have a bachelor’s degree and have five years of experience in the market;
  • have a bachelor’s degree and some postgraduate degree;
  • or even not having a college, but at least 10 years of experience.

After choosing a career with high demand in the United States, such as healthcare and technology, the executive gives some tips for the professional who wants to try to go to the country.

It is important to put on LinkedIn that you are available to emigrate to the American market.

“If he is from those areas that are in ‘shortages’, it is impressive how he will be sought after and will receive messages”, he explains.

When getting a job, it is necessary to apply for a work visa or for the Green Card, which can be the modality of national interest when the entry is for these most sought-after professions. Thus, it is possible to “win” in eight to 10 months.

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